Every year, the Mecosta County Community Foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing career training. These scholarships assist students with tuition, fees, books and other course required materials.

How to Apply

By completing our general scholarship application, you will be considered for over 15 scholarships.

You will need the following information to complete your online application:
  • Your cumulative GPA, class size, and class rank (class size and rank can be estimated)
  • A list of your academic or extracurricular activities since ninth grade
  • Your SAT score
  • Two essays (details can be found in the application)
  • Your employment history
You should also submit a copy of the financial information form to your first-choice academic institution as soon as possible.

Please apply online here.  


Please email Mecosta County Community Foundation at or call 231.592.8347
Scott D. Anderson Memorial Scholarship
A scholarship to a Morley Stanwood High School graduating senior and two scholarships to two (2) Ferris State University students.

  • Morley Stanwood High School Students
  • Must be academically successful, but not in the top 5% of his/her class, with a GPA of 2.5 or better (based on a 4.0 scale)
  • Must demonstrate desire and enthusiasm to succeed
  • Preference is given to students with a physical handicap, at-risk students, or students who would not attend if not for this financial assistance
Ferris State University Students:
  • Must be enrolled in FSU’s College of Technology
  • Must be a full time student and have completed 24 semester credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, 2.75 in major (based on a 4.0 scale)
  • Financial need is a consideration
  • Preference is given to students enrolled in the manufacturing, design or graphic arts department and students with a physical handicap
Barry Barratt Scholarship
  • Graduating senior of Big Rapids High School with a GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale
  • Have financial need
  • Have strong desire to attend a college or university
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Participation in community and/or volunteer service
Boerma Eagle Scout Scholarship
  • Graduating Senior in the Mecosta County Area (may live outside Mecosta County)
  • Active member of Troop 114 for at least the past 3 years (active meaning participating in at least 30% of weekly meeting, campouts, and special events)
  • Earned the rank of Eagle Scout prior to application date
  • Preference shall be given to the most active applicant from the Troop
  • Preference shall be given to applicants who have held Scout leadership positions
  • Financial need shall not be a criterion
Horticulture and Technology Scholarship
A scholarship Mecosta County graduating high school senior or a current FSU student. Preference to a technology student in odd numbered years and to horticulture student in even numbered years.

Mecosta County High School Students
  • Planning to attend FSU College of Technology or Horticulture programs
  • High School GPA of 2.75 or better (based on a 4.0 scale)
  • School/Community Service
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Leadership Roles
  • Financial information is required, but will not be the final determinant in awarding a scholarship
  • Summer/part-time employment
Ferris State University Students
  • Enrollment in Ferris State University’s College of Technology
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 or better (based on a 4.0 scale)
  • Financial information is required, but will not be the final determinant in awarding a scholarship
Robert D. Miller Scholarship
  • Must be a senior student at the Mecosta-Osceola Career Center who has attended the center for at least one year
  • Has been accepted at and will attend: an accredited community/junior college, four-year degree institution, accredited technical or vocational training institution that grants a degree or certification.
  • Students must complete appropriate application and the following will be considered in the selection: MOCC grades,
  • Attendance record, school/community service, extra-curricular activities, leadership roles, summer/part-time employment, work ethic, endorsement, self-inventory summary.
Morley Stanwood Education Association Scholarship
  • Graduate of Morley Stanwood Community Schools
  • A student pursuing a degree in education
Alice Stephenson Schuberg Scholarship
  • Must be a graduating high school senior, current college student or continuing education student who has graduated from a Mecosta County high school pursuing a career in education and attending Ferris State University
  • Intend to pursue a career in the Mecosta County area after graduation
  • Have realistic goals and plan to achieve them
  • Demonstrate academic achievement and experience in chosen/related field with grade point meeting the standards set by the program the student desires to pursue
  • Be a graduate from a Mecosta County high school
  • Must attach a copy of transcript of current high school or college grades to application
Class of 1974 Linda Willette Scholarship
  • Graduating high school senior of Big Rapids High School who has participated in Equestrian Club (or a cheerleader if no Equestrian Club applicant)
  • Involvement in the community and volunteer service, particularly scouting
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Rank in top 30% of his/her class
  • Have financial need
Jacob and Gertrude VanDyke Scholarship
Number of scholarships varies as well as the amount of scholarships.

Must be accepted at an accredited college or university, community college or technical/trade program and in a health career field.

Must Also Be:
  • Residents of Mecosta County, Michigan or
  • Students in a Mecosta County school district for at least two (2) years, or
  • Students in Mecosta Osceola Intermediate School District (MOISD) Career Center, Health Occupations program or Math/Science Technology program (regardless of county of residency)
  • Interested in contributing to the future health care needs of Mecosta County
  • Have realistic career goals for a career in the health field as well as a plan for achieving these goals
  • Academic achievement
  • Financial need when that can be determined
  • Transcript of current high school or college grades to the application
Ken and Althea Sutherland Family Scholarship
It is Donor’s intent that the scholarship shall be awarded to Chippewa Hills High School graduates with good academic records and financial need.
Rita and Jerry Conrad Scholarship
  • Realistic career goals and a plan to achieve these goals
  • Participation in community/volunteer service
  • In even numbered years, consideration will be given to those planning to enter the teaching field and in odd numbered years, consideration will be given to those planning to enter pre-med.
Noah Stauffer Scholarship Fund
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Demonstrates Civic Leadership
  • Preference to applicants pursuing electrical engineering
  • Preference to applicants attending Michigan Technological University
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